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Say Goodbye to unproductive, redundant, duplication and error prone data collection, management, and
analysis process through manual forms and ineffective form tools.

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Transform Your Form and Data Management Process

MuniForms is the ultimate solution for small to mid-sized local governments for seamless data collection, management, and analysis. It gives flexibility while improving productivity and data accuracy by offering an intuitive interface that makes form creation, distribution, and data collection easy and efficient.

Whether you need to collect data from employees, constituents, or other stakeholders, MuniForms provides a smooth and user-friendly experience for all. This comprehensive solution meets all the aspects of data management needs in your local government
from data collection to destruction.

The MuniForm digital capability leverages the high-level digital security, open architecture, workflow capabilities, and data analytics function of Microsoft Power Apps. MuniForms allows your local governments to leverage the power of data to transform their government operations, improve service delivery, and deliver a better citizen experience.

Experience the ease and efficiency of MuniForms for your local government today. Unlock the potential of digital form solutions and take your form management to the next level.

Advanced features of MuniForms

Enriching Constituent and Employee Experience with Seamless Form Management

Ultimate flexibility in data collection:

It enables end users to create their own forms on demand based on their unique data collection needs and follow data collection principles and standards.

Advanced form management:

It allows users to reuse the already designed forms as is or by modifying the existing forms through version controls. It also allows users to delete forms no longer in use without losing historical data.

Automated Workflows:

Set up automated workflows for form submissions, routing them to the right stakeholders for review and approval, ensuring timely and streamlined processes.

Centralized data management:

It enables the centralization and integration of data in a secure manner from multiple forms to eliminate redundant data collection.

Benefits of Choosing MuniForms as Your Form Creator

  • Streamlined Efficiency and Productivity:

    MuniForms optimizes local government form management processes by saving valuable time for your employees. Digitalizing forms and automating data management reduce administrative burdens and enhance overall efficiency.

  • Reduce data duplication and redundancy:

    MuniForms prevent data duplication and redundancy by centralizing and streamlining data collection and management for your local government. Maintaining a single source of truth for your data with MuniForms improves decision-making.

  • Cost Savings and Environmental Responsibility:

    MuniForms significantly reduces paper usage, printing costs, and physical storage required for data collection and management. This allows your local government to reduce costs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Experience the Power of MuniForms

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