We are a dedicated team of professionals, passionate about uplifting communities through
innovative digital solutions


To uplift communities through innovative digital solutions.


By forming a partnership with small to mid-sized local governments, our team of experts empowers you to digitally transform your government with innovative solutions that enrich the lives of your constituents.


Inclusivity – Quality – Integrity – Leadership – Passion – Responsibility.

Uplifting Communities with
Digital Solutions

Transforming Local Government for a Better Future

At MuniLogic, we are passionate about harnessing the power of digital to uplift communities. Our goal is to enable small to mid-sized local governments to use digital solutions to improve operations, optimize services, and enrich the experience of staff and constituents.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of digital in transforming communities. That is why we work closely with municipalities, counties, townships, boroughs, and cities to create personalized digital solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our team of experts is dedicated to excellence and driven by a shared vision of using innovative digital solutions to uplift communities. We are committed to enabling you to deliver the positive change that you desire for your community.

Our Pledge

We are an equal opportunity organization providing an opportunity for all, regardless of their language, ethnic origin, the color of skin, gender, sexual orientation, caste, religion, social status, disabilities, etc. to learn, grow, advance and contribute by participating in digital transformation initiatives to help organizations transform and achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Through this opportunity, we enlighten, enable and enrich the experience of every member of MuniLogic and empower themselves to achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives.

We're a Team With a Passion For
Uplifting Communities 

Our team is composed of a highly-skilled, experienced, and diverse group of professionals. We're dedicated to delivering innovative digital solutions that deliver high value to our clients. Our passion for serving communities shines through the exceptional support we offer.  

Our Determined Leadership Team

Together with our members and partners, we are pushing the boundaries of community upliftment with innovative digital solutions.

Joseph Edward 
President & Founder/ Chief People & Culture Officer
Paul Schmit  
Chief Executive Officer  
Peter O'Grady   
Chief Technology Officer 
Jesuthasan Alosius
Digital Transformation Senior Leader (Digital Solutions)  
Sai Jyothi Rohit Kumar   
Digital Transformation Manager (Solutions Implementation and Management)  
Manjit Gill 
Digital Transformation Manager (Solutions Implementation and Management)  
Leticia Queiroz  
Digital Transformation Manager (Solutions Implementation and Management)  
Hossein Mohtashami   
Digital Transformation Manager (Solutions Implementation and Management)  
Marshall Dunn   
Digital Transformation Manager (Lead Consultant)  
Kate Campbell 
Client Advocate & Sales Manager
Dulanga Geekiyanage 
Digital Transformation Specialist (Project Management)
Nivetha Nirmalanathan  
Digital Transformation Senior Analyst (Solutions Development)/ Regional Office Manager (Northern Region)  
Hasitha C. Nawalage   
Digital Transformation Senior Analyst (Solutions Development)/ Regional Office Manager (Central Region)
Saroobini Anandavel   
Digital Transformation Senior Analyst (Digital Marketing)  
Vinuckshie Ashokkumar
Digital Transformation Senior Analyst (Operations Management)
Jennis Delina Giles
Digital Transformation Analyst (Business Analysis) / Regional Office Manager (Eastern Region)

Featured On Media

MuniLogic is a division of INVORG, a purpose-driven company dedicated to uplifting communities through technology. Together, we believe that technology can help uplift communities and improve people's lives. That's why we empower local governments through digital transformation, providing them with digital solutions that improve your constituent's life. We've been featured in local media for our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and digital transformation. Check out our media coverage to learn more about our mission and how we're making a positive impact in the world.

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2019 Techcellence Community Engagement Award Finalist INVORG

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