MuniCitizen ( Extension of MuniLogic CE )

"Enabling and empowering local government to become citizen centric."

Municitizen brings your local government virtually to your palm, wherever you go, delivering accurate
and timely information and enabling you to access services with ultimate convenience.

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Open, Innovative and Secure design makes MuniCitizen
a unique solution in the industry. 

  • Open and configurable design:
  • Its unique architecture and design empower local governments to configure and tailor the solution to meet both current and future requirements to achieve their shared vision.

  • Seamless integration:
  • It integrates seamlessly with MuniLogic CE to streamline workflows, eliminate data redundancy, improve data quality & security, and reduce overall cycle time.

  • Accurate and timely information:
  • The data analytics and visualization capabilities empower both staff and citizens with real-time data and actionable insights, anytime, anywhere.

Innovative partner for small to mid-sized communities

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Features and Functionalities of MuniCitizen

MuniCitizen is an integrated and secure digital platform with digital capabilities that empower local governments and citizens to collaborate effectively, efficiently, and economically to improve the quality of life of everyone in the community.

Here are some

Centralized data architecture, advanced data analytics, and data visualization functionalities enable accurate and timely decisions.

The ability to update with real-time information, a calendar of events and news, and available services helps to bring the community closer.

The ability to configure and customize the portal enables the local government to align with the unique needs of various stakeholders.

Form designer digital capability enables customization of forms to meet the unique application requirement for various licenses and permits.

Centralized task management capability enables staff to view and manage their tasks from a dashboard efficiently and effectively.

Security features such as two-factor authentication prevent data from falling into the hands of unauthorized users and eliminate risk to users.

The ability for citizens to create and manage their profiles makes receiving relevant information and managing their applications seamless.

Notification management capability ensures timely and transparent communication between staff and citizens to improve collaboration.

Experience the Power of MuniCitizen

Are you curious about how MuniCitizen can help your government improve local government decision making, operation, and services? Our team is here to assist you from the beginning till the end of your digital transformation journey and beyond.