Comprehensive Digital Platform to Streamline your
Local Government Management

MuniLogicCE is a state of the art, configurable, and affordable municipal management software specially designed to enable
small to mid-sized local governments to transform their functions to be effective, efficient, and economical.

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Transform Your Local Government Operations and Improve your services to your constituents

MuniLogicCE is a comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed for small to mid-sized municipalities. It leverages local government expertise to manage various aspects of government operations, services, and assets. Modular and open designs consist of many modules including licenses, permits, property, codes, and more. With a modular approach, MuniLogicCE allows local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase.

Open architecture and intuitive design allow local governments to customize and configure this platform to meet their unique process and data needs to streamline their operations to be efficient, effective, and economical. With robust reporting and analytics tools and state-of-the-art GIS mapping capabilities, MuniLogicCE enables local governments to make data-driven decisions and transform services to constituents. Choose MuniLogicCE today to optimize your resources and improve your government operations.

MuniCitizen ( Extension of MuniLogic CE )

Enabling and empowering local government to become citizen centric.

MuniCitizen is an online portal that helps citizens to get essential services such as permits, licenses, etc., and local governments to provide updates and the latest news about their community to citizens.

The following list outlines some of the major benefits of MuniCitizen.

  • Save time and money: Apply, pay and receive all types of licenses and permits online at your convenience without leaving your home.
  • Take action, make your voice heard: Submit requests for information, and report problems and concerns seamlessly.
  • Involve and inspired: Get relevant information about community news and events to become involved and inspired.

Modules Included in MuniLogicCE

MuniLogicCE's modules are designed to seamlessly integrate and share information to maintain high-quality, accurate data that enables timely and informed decisions. All the modules are configurable and customizable, allowing local governments to tailor to meet their unique needs.

Code Module

Mange and execute the code-related functions including code violations services. Intelligence capabilities provide insights into code violations to help identify root causes to proactively eliminate or reduce them in the future.

Permit Module

Streamlining the functions of issuing permits, and inspection management in a seamless, and integrated manner from start to finish is critical for a well-functioning local government. This module allows citizens to apply for their permits 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Property Module

Property module in MuniLogicCE is fully integrated with powerful, local government focused and user-friendly GIS capabilities leveraging industry best GIS technology from Esri enable local governments to strategize, plan, and manage their properties to achieve the maximum value for the community.

Licences Module

Licensing for various purposes ensures constituents and businesses comply with local governments policies and ordinance and enables quality of life for all. MuniLogicCE provides licensing officials to conduct this critical function in simplified and a streamlined manner.

Zoning Module

Zoning in local governments is vital to ensure strategic land development which aligns with the needs of constituents and the future aspirations of growth and prosperity. Digital capabilities in MuniLogicCE enable zoning departments to manage all functions of zoning seamlessly in an integrated manner.

Customer Module

Effective and efficient engagement and citizen focused service planning and delivery enable local governments to become citizens centric. The customer MuniLogicCE enables local governments to get insights into citizens' needs and wants to improve citizens’ services and their quality of life.

Water Module

Managing the water with reverence ensures the quality of life for all beings. Water module in MuniLogicCE empowers local governments to manage their water resources and infrastructure effectively, ensuring the availability and sustainability of water for future generations.

Storm Module

Integration of advanced GIS technology from Esri makes MuniLogic CE a market leader in managing storm water. MuniLogicCE helps local governments to efficiently manage their storm water infrastructure, ensuring compliance with MS4 regulations.

Subdivision Module

Creation and development of subdivisions are integral for the growth of local governments. MuniLogicCE enables the management of subdivision approval process from beginning to end in a seamless and integrated manner and brings efficiency to whole process and expedites the approval.

Roadway Module

MuniLogicCE's Roadway Module allows for strategic asset management including proactive maintenance planning and execution. This strategic approach helps local governments optimize their resources and invest in other critical areas to improve the quality of life for their constituents.

Sanitary Module

Proper management of sewer systems is vital for public health and the environment. MuniLogicCE's Sanitary Module offers a comprehensive sewer solution to track maintenance, manage overflows, and maintain asset values while ensuring regulatory compliance for local governments.

Tax Module

Tax revenue is a critical source of funding for local governments, and it plays a crucial role in supporting essential public services. MuniLogicCE's tax module provides local governments with a comprehensive and integrated tax solution that streamlines tax administration and maximizes revenue collection.

Benefits of Leveraging MuniLogicCE

  • Better insights, Right decisions, Optimized management:

    MuniLogicCE data and process driven approach enables local governments to gain better insights into their operations and services to make accurate and timely decisions to optimize their resources, operations and services.

  • Configure, Customize, Align, Optimize, Secure

    Open architecture, intuitive design, and non-proprietary technologies enable local governments to configure, customize, align, and optimize MuniLogicCE to meet their unique business process and needs to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. High level security protects the data 24/7.

  • Engage, Enlighten, Enable, Enrich constituent Engagement:

    MuniLogicCE allows citizens to engage from anywhere, anytime using any device to be involved in helping their local government become citizen centric. Intergrated digital capabilities enable citizens to obtain services such as permits, licenses etc. seamlessly without leaving their homes.

Experience the Power of MuniLogicCE

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