MuniLogic’s Cloud Based Digital Solution Transforms Government


Improve internal operations

Align, optimize and automate internal business
processes to increase efficiency, effectiveness
and reduce cost.

Enhance asset management

Manage your assets through real time insights
to save millions and increase the return
on your investment.

Enrich constituent experience

Engage with your constituents to improve
service strategy, planning and delivery
to improve the quality of life.

Equip and empower your staff

Enable your staff with the right digital capabilities and knowledge to improve productivity and overall experience by municipal management software.

Uplifting Communities through Innovative Digital Solutions.

MuniLogic provides innovative digital solutions to enable municipalities, counties and cities to achieve their goals and objectives through municipal management software.

MuniLogic SE

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure and affordable digital platform. It’s designed to enable municipalities, counties and cities of all sizes to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage their operations, service delivery and growth by stellar municipal management software.

MuniLogic tools simplify the management of local government. Originally developed by the experts at Carroll Engineering, the MuniLogic platform is based on decades of experience in local government needs. We are committed to providing local governments with digital solutions which are affordable, easy to learn and use, and supports the needs of staff and constituents.

MuniLogic Security Improvements

The MuniLogic team continues to look for opportunities to improve the security and protection of your hosted MuniLogic data. Working with Tier Point’s architects and engineers we have leveraged a security-first approach that helps ensure your MuniLogic data is secure by design. TierPoint CleanIPTM XDR is a unified security incident detection and response platform that brings together visibility and correlation with security analysts and engineers providing SOC (Security Operations Center) services.

Our Most Popular Modules

MuniLogic SE is an open architecture digital platform constructed by leveraging industry best practices, tools and technology through municipal management software. The modular approach of MuniLogic SE enables all sizes of governments to start small and expand as their needs increase. Information is shared between modules to maintain the level of data quality and accuracy that enables timely and informed decisions. It is configurable and customizable to meet the unique needs of individual local governments.


Create a history of code violations to gain a better perspective on your challenges, identify recurring problems, and provide instant status of a violation and automatic notifications when cases are closed.
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Manage permit and inspection activities, including plans, fees, inspection records, and field staff scheduling. This module can be customized to fit your unique needs.
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This module is capable of issuing, and managing all types of licenses, from the traditional contractor, rental, amusement, plumbing, and health licenses to any type of customized license that is issued from your town hall.
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With the Esri mapping and reporting solution already included in your MuniLogic digital platform investment, the Roadway Module is designed to assist your Public Works department become more efficient and organized.

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Why MuniLogic?

MuniLogic offers extensive experience in government digital solutions by municipal management software. We deliver products and services that produce results.

Purpose Driven

We are passionate about uplifting communities through innovative digital solutions

Fair Pricing

We ensure all governments regardless of their financial means can participate in the digital transformation

Trusted Advice

Through our knowledge and experience we have earned the trust of our clients as their partners in transformation

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Additional Products and Services

MuniLogic offers various digital products and services to enable local governments to digitally transform their eco-system.


MyGovLinks is a digital engagement platform enabling governments to connect with and serve constituents from anywhere, anytime using any device. This improves service timeliness, quality, constituents’ experience while reducing the cost of service delivery.

i Risk Management

i Risk Management is an innovative and secure platform that facilitates incident reporting from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Its centralized management capacity helps administrators analyze the data and identify root causes in order to reduce or eliminate future incidents.

Custom Software Development

To meet the unique challenges, opportunities and needs of each individual government administration, our innovative digital solutions include custom software development that utilizes emerging technologies and inventive

Digital Risk Management Service

Digital risk is a business risk. Failure to manage digital risk will greatly damage operations, service delivery, constituents well-being, and financial viability. We provide strategic, comprehensive, continuous, and affordable digital risk management services.

GIS Consulting Services

GIS is integral for governments to strategize, plan, design, and deliver services. As a strategic partner of Esri, we provide a range of GIS consulting services leveraging our internal team and the
partner resources of

Digital Transformation Consulting

From strategy to implementation, our team of digital transformation specialists are here to apply their expertise to transform your digital ecosystem. We incorporate industry best practices along with current and emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility, AI, and big data and also municipal management software.


Enabling effective engagement between governments and constituents

My Gov Links is MuniLogic’s latest product. It aims to enrich the lives of constituents by simplifying and increasing their engagement with the local governments. This constituent engagement digital platform will be citizen-focused. Using this platform, citizens can report concerns, request services, provide feedback and comments, and receive information from their local governments anytime, anywhere using any device.


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    MuniLogic SE Core System

    MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform. It is designed to enable all-size municipalities, counties and cities to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations, growth and transformation.
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    Enterprise Integration

    Digital transformation is very critical to meet the goals and objectives of local governments. It requires digital platforms and solutions based on various technologies from multiple technology partners and vendors. MUNILOGIC SE can integrate with several digital platforms and solutions to form a digital ecosystem that can satisfy the unique needs of individual governments.

    Cloud and Mobile Integration

    MuniLogic SE leverages mobile technology, cloud infrastructure and several other innovative digital capabilities to provide a robust, innovative and secure digital ecosystem. This platform helps local governments to conduct their activities from anywhere, anytime, using any device and increases the quality of service for constituents. This platform empowers local governments to continue their operations and service delivery regardless of unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters.

    Business Intelligence and Reporting Platforms Integration

    MuniLogic SE leverages industry-leading business intelligence and reporting platforms such as PowerBI to provide real-time information to analyze and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiencies, asset management, constituent services, and reduce costs.

    Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

    Increasing number of municipalities, cities, counties, villages and boroughs are beginning to embrace smart technologies to become a connected government. Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data, are playing a critical role in this transformation. Trillions of devices are already collecting and aggregating data from various sources to obtain insights into every aspect of this world and its life within it. MuniLogic SE’s digital vision and road map include connecting to IoTs to provide governments with valuable information to enrich the life of their constituents by informed decision making, streamlining operations, smart investments of resources, etc.

    Social Platform Integration

    Social platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram have become mainstream for local governments to communicate and engage with their constituents.

    CRM Platform Integration

    MuniLogic SE integrates with industry-leading Client Relationship Management platforms such as Dynamic 365 to enable seamless data sharing between MuniLogic SE and CRM. We provide consulting services to strategize, design, develop, implement and integrate CRM platforms, including Dynamic 365, SalesForce, etc.


    Local governments need well-designed and durable stormwater infrastructure to improve the quality of life for their constituents and to manage their resources productively. Digital capabilities that provide accurate and real-time information are critical to managing storm water infrastructure effectively, efficiently and economically. MuniLogic SE provides robust, innovative and integrated digital capabilities to maintain an inventory of the entire storm water infrastructure including, inspection and maintenance.

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    MuniLogic features a robust reporting engine consisting of hundreds of reports to access accurate information and to make informed decisions. In addition this engine allows the clients to customize the existing reports or to create new reports to meet their unique reporting needs. Custom reports enable various formats such as PDF, Excel. Word, etc. for organizations to electronically share the outputs with internal and external recipients, and integrate the data with external systems.

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    Other Platforms and Solutions

    Local governments are complex and unique. Therefore they need more than one digital platform and solutions to manage their operations, constituent services, and other activities. MuniLogic SE integrates with other enterprise platforms such as GIS mapping technology like ArcGIS, Financial Management Systems, Human Resources Management Systems, etc. Integration with other systems reduces the data entry effort and errors. This improves the quality and timeliness of the data to enable better decision making.

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    Strategizing, planning, developing, and managing subdivisions are critical for growing and vibrant local governments. MuniLogic SE centralizes the entire subdivision development and approval process from submitting applications to final approval.

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    Zone management and development are critical functions of local governments. Receive, manage, track, and monitor zoning applications and processes from end to end including, appeals, hearings, and reviews.

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    iRisk Management

    Risk management is a critical function for every local government. Unfortunately, lack of tools prevents most local governments from managing their risks efficiently and effectively. iRisk Management digital platform enables local government staff and constituents to report any incidents anytime, anywhere, from any device. This flexibility helps local governments to manage all incidents in a centralized manner and reduce risk exposure. iRisk Management utilizes the industry-leading CRM platform Dynamic 365 from Microsoft.

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    Property management is the foundation is the MuniLogic SE platform. This is fully integrated with industry-leading GIS platform from Esri. This makes the planning the growth of local governments and management of properties a seamless experience.

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    iPermit/ License

    Issuing permits for a variety of reasons such as building a house, or an apartment etc. are one of the most critical functions of every local government. This involves receiving applications, collecting fees, scheduling inspections, issuing and renewing permits, etc. MuniLogic SE consists of comprehensive permitting module fully integrated with other modules, to manage all aspects of permitting functions effectively and efficiently.

    Issuing licenses for a variety of reasons such as business, rental, animal, apprentiship etc. are one of the most critical functions of every local government. This involves receiving applications, collecting fees, scheduling inspections, issuing and renewing lincenses and monitoring throughout the licenses period. MuniLogic SE consists of comprehensive licensing module fully integrated with other modules, to manage all aspects of licensing functions effectively and efficiently, including, but not limited to, batch renewals, email notifications, and customizable license certificates.

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    MuniLogic makes the billing and collection of real estate and other taxes efficient and effortless. With the Tax Module, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility to produce billing for multiple tax types, from real estate to school taxes. This module will transform the way you bill and track the resulting transactions. The benefits will translate into quicker and more accurate deposits, resulting in increased revenue and higher confidence.

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    MuniLogic SE is fully integrated with Esri GIS technology and included as part of the core solution. The Roadway Module has been designed to assist your Public Works department to become more efficient and organized. This integrates with third-party roadway management solutions, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), to plan and execute roadway maintenance proactively and to reduce the lifecycle cost.

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    Managing and providing utilities such as water, to constituents is often a core function of local governments or associated entities such as Regional Water Authority. MuniLogic SE enables the end-to-end management of water infrastructure and related functions such as billing, inspection, maintenance etc. Learn More


    MuniLogic SE provides fully integrated document management capabilities. This module enables governments to store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic module. A check-in/check-out function helps ensure security and version control while linking and querying capabilities enable users to organize documents by department, asset, date, document type, and more. This also could be integrated with industry-leading document management platforms to provide seamless experience from creation to storage. Learn More


    Complexity of local governments requires the functions to be carried out by specific departments or divisions within the governments. Not having an effective communication tool integrated with back office functions impedes the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and service delivery. MuniLogic SE provides integrated communication capabilities such as scheduling, appointments management, calendaring, to-do lists management, integrated email etc.

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    MuniLogic SE enables management of local government codes and any potential code violations to improve compliance. Create a comprehensive history of all code violations for a better perspective on current challenges, identify recurring problems and take proactive measures to increase the level of compliance.
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    Effective engagement with constituents enables local governments to reduce the cost of operations, improve services and ultimately improve the quality of life. i Engagement is a robust and innovative digital platform built leveraging industry leading client relationship platform, dynamics 365 from Microsoft. Learn More


    Manage permit and inspection activity including plans, fees, inspection records, and scheduling field staff. Learn More


    Meetings, appointments, scheduling inspections and events are critical functions of every local governments. Having an effective, easy-to-use and integrated calendaring capability is very critical for carrying out these functions. MuniLogic SE comes with fully integrated calendaring system as part of the MuniLogic core.

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    ARCGIS Platform and Solution

    MuniLogic SE integrates seamlessly with industry-leading GIS platform and solutions such as ARCGIS online, ARCGIS enterprise, etc. from Esri. This helps local governments to leverage existing solutions and comprehensive data sets to strategize and plan to develop their governments and to improve their services to the constituents. This enhances the value gained from MuniLogic SE.

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    Issue licenses, monitor and manage renewals, and maintain insurance certificates in one location. Learn More


    Providing services and managing the infrastructure required to deliver the services are some of the many critical functions carried out by local governments or associated entities. Sanitary services are one of the many services constituents receive from their local governments. MuniLogic SE consists of comprehensive and integrated sanitary module for enabling local governments to manage their sanitary infrastructure and services effectively.

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