Storm Module

Keep an inventory of your entire stormwater infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance.

Ready to simplify your storm management?

Local governments are socially and legally responsible for managing their streams. MS4 compliance is made easier with MuniLogic SE by tracking the monitoring, inspection and maintenance activity performed on your stormwater infrastructure. Make your operations and administrative requirements easier by investing in the MuniLogic Stormwater Management module. With Munilogic and its partners, Mircosoft and Esri, lots of things are possible. Call us today to find out more.

  • Quickly identify the age and condition of assets.
  • Log all water screening/sampling performed as part of the NPDES requirements.
  • Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
  • Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
  • Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
  • All assets are linked to other MuniLogic SE modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents.

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