Property Module

The Property module consolidates information for all property using the tax parcel number to identify each record.

Ready to simplify your property data?

Consolidate property tax, owner, and sales information with infrastructure and image data. This module maintains information on all property, using tax parcel numbers as the unique identifier for each record in property management inspection. Capture and search by owner/renter information, sales history, and other financial data. Or, search visual data of subdivision plans, sewer and access easements, aerial images, and other data contained within the Mapping module.

The Property Modules are at the heart of the Property Planning materials and property management inspection. Although these modules are referred to as ‘property’ modules in general, they can be used at any scale, from a single floor to a community of properties, based on model size, consumer needs, and other factors. These modules are used to mimic real-world property projects, including cash flow costs, fair value changes / revaluations, and estimated development release and revenue profiles and works better in property management inspection. Also, Property modules help you model a property from start to finish, from building to production to internal commissioning to investment properties and rental profiles. This research includes fair value and revaluations as well.

  • Includes all property information including address, ownership, contact information, sales information, site characteristics, districts, improvements, etc
  • Store custom notes for each property in property management inspection.
  • Manage easements on each property
  • View assets such as sewer services using the Relationship Navigation feature
  • Link documents related to the property
  • View property on a map using GIS mapping
  • Maintain property ownership records including date of transfer and renter information
  • Property management inspection Use ownership information to create form letters or mailing labels
  • Create custom fields

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