MuniLogic SE Core System

MuniLogic SE Core system is the foundation of MuniLogic digital platform.

About MuniLogic SE

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform. It’s designed to enable all size municipalities, counties and cities to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations and growth.
MuniLogic SE Core system is the foundation of MuniLogic digital platform.
This consists of the following sub modules.

Property Module

Simplify your property data

Consolidate property tax, owner, and sales information with infrastructure and image data. This module maintains information on all property, using tax parcel number as the unique identifier for each record. Capture and search by owner/renter information, sales history, and other financial data. Or, search visual data of subdivision plans, sewer and access easements, aerial images, and other data contained within the Mapping module.

Calendar Module

Plan better

The Calendar Module pulls from all other Modules and manages individual and departmental Calendars. You can easily assign tasks like Inspections or Work Orders to someone’s calendar so they can be notified on their MuniLogic dashboard. It allows you to keep track of your schedule, managing all the assigned and forwarded work in MuniLogic. Inspections and Work Orders can be scheduled directly onto workers Calendars. You can see other users Calendars, and using that information assign work to who’s available or even to a department as a whole. It’s similar to Outlook in most of it’s functionality to better utilize previous training.

Communication Module

Simplify your communications

MuniLogic supports calendars, contacts, and tasks – making it easy to integrate day-to-day communications. MuniLogic integrates full calendar functionality for scheduling of events, inspections and other appointments. Managing contacts is easy with MuniLogic built-in contact management system. Store reoccurring contacts so you never have to type them again. All contacts can be retrieved for use in other modules, such as; permit, license and subdivision applications.

Reporting Module

Ready to simplify your reporting?

MuniLogic features a robust reporting engine to provide virtually any report type desired. Custom reports are a part of a typical implementation which are produced by MuniLogic and inserted into the system. All reports include your custom header, so all output is specific to your organization. This helps to reduce printing costs by reducing the reliance on letterhead, carbon, etc.

Document Management Module

Ready to simplify your document handling?

Store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic module. A check-in/check-out function helps ensure security and version control, while linking and querying capabilities enable users to locate documents by department, asset, date, document type, and more.The Document Module provides a robust, free document management solution to manage all your electronic files. You can easily store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic module. This module is included with any MuniLogic solution configured for you.

Mapping Module

Ready to simplify your mapping data?

Enjoy robust GIS capabilities that link assets to the relevant records in the other MuniLogic SE modules. Because MuniLogic SE integrates this functionality, there’s no need to buy, maintain, or use a separate GIS system. The mapping module is provided within a hosted environment which requires a high-speed internet connection.

Simplify and streamline your government operations.

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