Mapping Module

Enjoy robust GIS capabilities.

Ready to simplify your mapping data?

Enjoy robust GIS capabilities that link assets to the relevant records in the other MuniLogic SE modules. Because MuniLogic SE integrates this functionality, there’s no need to buy, maintain, or use a separate GIS system. The mapping module is provided within a hosted environment which requires a high-speed internet connection.

  • Control layer functionality, including; turning on/off, changing layer name, grouping, priority, color, symbol, and style.
  • Full navigation features; including zoom in/out, pan, scale, etc.
  • Ability to retrieve and view information contained within the map layers.
  • Ability to spatially select features based upon other layers.
  • Ability to perform a radius selection for construction or other activities.
  • Ability to add graphics to the map in the form of lines, text, polygons, etc.
  • Produce PDF files from output maps.
  • View all documents linked to a mapped asset with a click of a button.
  • Ability to display layers by characteristics.
  • Label features by information contained within the layers.
  • MuniLogic supports images to display digital orthophotography.
  • Send queries to specific modules for viewing and vice-versa.
  • Supports data within a state plane coordinate system
  • Ability to produce output maps in various sizes based upon scale or the current view.

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