License Module

Make your license management efficient, effective and economical.

Ready to simplify your license management?

MuniLogic’s License Module enables you to handle multiple types of licenses. This module can issue, calculate, and manage all kinds of authorizations, from the traditional contractor, rental, amusement, plumbing, and health licenses to any customized license issued from your town hall. Another significant benefit of MuniLogic is its ability to generate large batches of new or renewal certificates whenever you wish to send them out. Ready to simplify your overall management of licenses? Spend less time being frustrated and more time on things that matter. Contact us today to find out more.

  • · Configure expiration dates based upon a single date, a number of days or the end of the calendar year.
  • Licenses automatically expire and provide notifications.
  • Perform license renewals at a regular intervals.
  • Track all insurance requirements and trade references.
  • Assign fees taken directly from your fee schedule and log all transactions.
  • Maintain all insurance certificates, reports or other documents directly on the license.

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