We are happy to announce that our development work on the Property Import functionality is complete and it is now live on production. You can now utilize the tool to import Excel, CSV/Delimited, and Fixed Width Property Data Files to update Parcel and Ownership information. This allows you to take total control of your data without needing to go through MuniLogic’s support desk. We highly recommend reaching out to your county or provider of Property Data to receive an updated Data File and make sure your Parcel and Owner Information is fully up to date!

Once you have received the Property Data file, you can easily utilize the Property Import functionality once the initial setup and configuration of the import has been created. MuniLogic is happy to provide any assistance necessary in setting up these imports. Once the initial setup is done, there is no hassle in further Property Updates if the formatting of the data remains the same.

Setting up the initial import can be a bit daunting which is why we are happy to assist. The first step is to open the Property Import Window by clicking the button in the bottom left below the left navigation bar in the Property Module.

This will open the Property Import window where you can see your existing Import setups that have been created to import a specific format of Property Data file. There are statistics about the last Property Data Import performed, as well as buttons to Test and Compare the results of the Property Import before Importing it. There is also the Restore functionality to restore from the last restore point created after every import.

If you already have an existing Property Import configuration, you can click to Edit it and it most likely will have the right setup, but alternatively you can create a New one which we can assist with.




The first step in either creating a new Import or Importing on an existing configuration is to go into step 1 window after clicking Edit/New and upload your data file. Once the file has been uploaded, the settings below need to be adjusted to match it. It will automatically select the Data Type-based off the contents of the data file, and you can select whether the first row contains headers or not.

The Transfer window allows transferring the existing Property Owners to the history tab and deciding whether to maintain additional owners.

If the import configuration had been completed previously, at this point you can click Finish and import the new data. If this is a new configuration, you must continue on with the Next button to finish the import configuration.

Step 2 occurs only for Delimited files like Comma Separated Value, allowing you to configure what the Delimiters are.


Step 3 is where you decide the Column header names and what type of data format each column is, whether Date, Number, Lookup, or Text. You can set all columns to text easily with the checkbox below the format,