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MuniLogic is committed to providing quality training and making sure that all our clients get the support and assistance they need to perform their tasks. As such we follow 4 Pillars of Training that are designed to address a variety of situations and needs, whether training a Municipality from scratch, offering refresher training, or being a resource for independent study.

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Property Import

Updating Property Records


The Property Import tool is a new functionality that allows MuniLogic users to quickly and easily batch update their Property Records from a Excel, CSV, or Fixed Width data file.

License Batch

Batch Processing of License Renewals


The License Batch tool is a new tool in the license module that allows bulk updates and renewals of expiring Licenses.


ArcGIS Online Mapping Integration


The Mapping tool has been revamped and integrated with ESRI ArcGIS Online web mapping service, allowing powerful new GIS functionality and compatibility with industry standards.

Latest Muni Tips

MuniLogic SE - License Renewal Batch:

MuniLogic SE has recently completed development work on the License Batch Renewal functionality, which allows generating new Renewals and the associated tasks for all Licenses that match the specified parameters.  Read more…

MuniLogic SE – Property Import:

Property Import functionality is complete and it is now live on production. You can now utilize the tool to import Excel, CSV/Delimited, and Fixed Width Property Data Files to update Parcel and Ownership information. Read more…

MuniLogic SE – Custom Reports Functionality

We have completed the development phase of the custom reports functionality and we’re happy to inform you that it is now ready to be properly released in MuniLogic SE’s hosted environment. Read more…

Latest Munilogic Products


MyGovLinks is an innovative, intuitive, comprehensive, modern, and secure constituents’ engagement digital platform that enables the public to engage with their local government or constituent engagement in ways that improve their experience. This platform allows governments to collect, store, manage, analyze and share data in a centralized and secure manner. You have what you need to make better decisions and improve the quality of life for all. This platform enables small to mid-sized local governments to leverage the digital capabilities of an industry-leading CRM platform for an affordable monthly investment.

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Mobile Inspector Application

The Mobile Inspector Application is a streamlined user-friendly frontend interface for MuniLogic designed for Android Mobile Devices including Phones and Tablets. This mobile application is specifically designed to allow inspectors in the field quick and easy access to the modules and workflows required to complete MuniLogic Scheduled Inspections while stripping back unnecessary functionality to avoid clutter in the user interface. This streamlined and mobile friendly interface allows inspectors to easily enter and record inspection results in the field directly on their android devices, including taking pictures and attaching documents.

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eGov Portal

MuniLogic’s eGovernment Module
extends the MuniLogic solution by providing a portal that can be accessed by both citizens and contractors alike to facilitate online processing of licenses, permits, inspections, approval processing, and online payment processing. Adding the eGov Module to your solution improves efficiency by eliminating the need for a citizen and contractor to physically visit the municipal offices and improves payment processing capabilities. eGov is designed to connect to
the MuniLogic License and Permit Modules and facilitate the approval and payment processing for licenses and permits.

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