• Enabling the digitizing small to medium local governments.
  • Automate your operations
  • Streamline your process
  • Improve constituents’ experience
  • Reduce operational and service delivery cost
  • Efficiently manage your assets
  • Make better decisions
  • Work from anywhere, anytime using any device
  • Optimize schedules and resources
  • Improve communications
  • Improve uptime of your digital platform

About MuniLogic SE Jumpstart Program

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed and developed to enable small to mid-sized counties, municipalities, cities, and townships (Local Governments) to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations, services, and constituent engagement to grow and transform. 

The rapid evolution of digital technology and the growing need for organizations to become digital regardless of their type, size, and capabilities have created an urgency for organizations to transform digitally. Recent events in the world have created unprecedented challenges and urgency to utilize digital solutions sooner than later to resolve the current problems and create new opportunities in future.

Unfortunately, many small to mid-sized local governments are caught between a rock and a hard place and are struggling to embark on their digital transformation journey due to a lack of resources, trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced digital leadership.

To address this great challenge and empower these governments to become digital, the MuniLogic team has designed this innovative and affordable program with an option to start small and grow as needs change. We are dedicated to enabling small to mid-sized local governments to transform. 

MuniLogic SE Jumpstart Program

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Small to mid-sized local governments have the same needs as larger entities. Unfortunately, the resources available for these small to mid-sized local governments prevent them from adopting digital solutions to improve operations, constituent services, asset life cycle management to grow and provide a higher quality of life and opportunities for their constituents.

This unique program is designed to help small to mid-sized local governments under 5000 in population in the USA to embark on their digital transformation journey for an affordable investment to solve their current challenges through digital solutions without further delay.

This program leverages the industry-leading Enterprise Municipal Software (MuniLogic SE) and Esri’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and Microsoft’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) Platform to automate and streamline municipal functions such as issuing of permits, licenses, inspections, constituent engagement, and management of assets to improve effectiveness and save hundreds and thousands of dollars.



We’ve designed an innovative program to get you started with industry leading Government Management Software for an affordable investment. 

Jumpstart Standard

MuniLogic SE Core

$300 Per month


MuniLogic SE Core
+ License Module
$400 Per month

Jumpstart Advantage

MuniLogic SE Core
+ License Module + Permit Module
$500 Per month

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MuniLogic SE consists of several modules to allow governments of different sizes, unique needs, and challenges to build their own digital transformation platform.  


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MuniLogic SE

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure and affordable digital platform. It’s designed to enable municipalities, counties and cities of all sizes to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage their operations, service delivery and growth.

Originally developed by the experts at Carroll Engineering, the MuniLogic platform is based on decades of experience in supporting local government needs. We’re committed to providing you with technology that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and supports the needs of your constituents, staff, and government.

MuniLogic SE simplifies and improves local government management. 

Let Us Be Your Digital transformation Partner.

MuniLogic SE is an open architecture digital platform constructed leveraging industry best practices, tools and technology. MuniLogic SE consists of integrated digital capabilities for managing properties, licenses, permits, codes, zoning, sub development, roadway, water, storm, sewage, work schedules, constituent engagement etc. The modular approach of MuniLogic SE enables small to mid-sized local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase.  Information is shared between modules to maintain data accuracy and quality to enable timely and informed decisions. It is configurable and customizable to meet the unique needs of individual local governments.

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The following frequently asked questions are derived from our clients to help our future clients to make informed decisions about getting started with MuniLogic SE.

Yes. MuniLogic SE comes with several modules which enables our clients to integrate additional modules whenever the need arises. This program helps our clients to protect their investment they make with the jumpstart program.

No. MuniLogic Jumpstart is a program designed leveraging the product MuniLogic SE to help local governments less than 5000 population to get started with digitization of their government operations, service delivery, asset management, permit management and license management.  

No. MuniLogic SE is a fully hosted solution and it doesn’t require any IT infrastructure such as servers etc. to get started. It only requires a reliable internet connection.

Yes. This is an additional service we could provide to the clients who have large volume of data to be brought forward into the new solution. The actual investment required for this service could be provided after no obligation, no cost assessment of the existing data

No. MuniLogic does not believe in creating road blocks for clients to use the digital solutions for their needs. For this reason MuniLogic SE provides access to unlimited users.

Yes. MuniLogic SE is compatible with various mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones etc. But we recommend our clients use tablets to access MuniLogic SE from field.

Yes. MuniLogic SE supports major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla, etc.

Yes. MuniLogic SE could be integrated with major financial systems in the market. But this service is provided for additional investment. The actual investment required to integrate with the financial system could be provided after no-obligation, no-cost assessment.

Yes. MuniLogic SE fully integrates with Esri’s GIS technology and it comes with very robust mapping capabilities fully integrated. For an additional investment MuniLogic SE could be integrated with other Esri solutions such as ArcGIS online.

Yes. MuniLogic SE consists of a robust and innovative constituents’ engagement digital capability which allows citizens to fully engage with their governments leveraging any device from anywhere, anytime. This capability is built leveraging industry-leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) digital platform known as Dynamics365 from Microsoft.

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