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MuniLogic’s Permit Module manages all your permit and inspection activity. Just like the License and Code Enforcement Modules, this module is customizable to your unique needs. Whether you are looking for traditional Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, and Zoning permits or something more specifically tailored to your needs, the chances are high that we can offer a solution that exceeds your vision. Another powerful benefit is that all inspections can be assigned to field personnel and scheduled directly onto their calendars. Results are maintained within the same area for quick access to critical information.

  • Add multiple permit types for each application.
  • Schedule and assign inspections to field personnel using MuniLogic shared calendars.
  • “Roll-up” fees, plan reviews, and inspections to gain an overall perspective on the permit activity.
  • Assign payment fees taken directly from your fee schedule and log all transactions.
  • Configure required licenses by permit type to ensure proper approvals.

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