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Small to mid-sized local governments trust MuniLogic for innovative digital solutions to transform and achieve excellence in operations, service delivery, and citizens engagement.

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  • If you are a municipality, country, township, borough, or city with a population between 1,000 and 100,000 citizens.
  • If you are looking to leverage digital solutions to optimize operations, service delivery staff and citizens’ experience.
  • If you are struggling to find digital solutions within your budget.
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How Does MuniLogic Transform Local Governments?

Enlightened Decisions

Integrate and consolidate data silos, improve the accuracy and quality of the data to gain valuable knowledge and insight and knowledge to make timely and accurate decisions.

Enhanced Operations

Align, optimize, and automate internal and external business processes and maximize the value of resources to increase efficiency, effectiveness and reduce cost.

Enriched Experience

Engage with your constituents to improve service strategy, planning, and delivery to improve the quality of life and enrich constituents’ experience.

Empowered Staff

Enable your staff with the right digital capabilities and knowledge to empower them to achieve the maximum value of digital investment.

Our Products

MuniLogic's products help local governments to make better decisions to strategize, plan, execute, monitor, and measure the impact of their investment and improve the effectiveness of operations, quality of service, and citizen engagement.


MuniLogicCE is a customizable innovative digital municipal management software enables small to mid-sized local governments to achieve their goals and objectives. This consists of integrated modules such as to conduct the functions related to Customer, Code, Permit, Property, License, Zoning, and Roadway.

Innovative digital capabilities included in MuniLogicCE:

  • Customizable open module architecture to meet specific municipal needs
  • High Level two factor authentication security to protect information
  • Dashboards such as Kanban to provide operational oversight in a visual format


MyGovLinks is an innovative, intuitive, comprehensive, and secure citizen engagement software that enables citizens to engage with their local government in ways that improve their experience.

Innovative digital capabilities included in MyGovLinks:

  • Cloud technology enables citizens to interact with local government 24/7
  • Citizen portals allow citizens to request services and report problems
  • Emergency alerts provide real-time information to enhance citizen safety

Our Services

At MuniLogic, we offer a range of digital solutions and enabling services designed to help small to mid-sized local governments to transform their digital landscape to provide services efficiently, effectively, and economically.

Digital Risk Management

Digital risk is an organizational risk that poses a greater threat to organizational operations, financial stability, and the well-being of staff, and citizens. MuniLogic's digital risk management services enable local governments to protect their data from unauthorized users.

GIS Consulting

GIS capabilities are crucial for local governments to strategize, plan, and execute their development, operations, constituent engagement, and services. MuniLogic leverages innovative digital GIS capabilities from Esri to provide a variety of GIS services to local governments.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation enables local governments to leverage emerging digital capabilities for implementing innovative digital solutions to enrich the experience for their staff and constituents. MuniLogic partners with local governments on their digital transformation journey.

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Digital transformation is very critical for small to mid-sized governments to improve their operations, service optimization, constituents' engagement, staff empowerment, and to enrich constituent's experience. See how we have successfully helped small to mid-sized local governments in their digital transformation.
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Many small to mid-sized municipalities, counties, townships, boroughs, and cities rely on MuniLogic's local government systems and services to transform their operations, service delivery, and citizen engagement.

"I am so happy to have the Munilogic Program. The Tech support is phenomenal not only do they teach you more about the program, but they solve problems that I make quickly. They are kind, patient and on top of their game. Overall, this company has a great Customer Service base and a great Permit Program that organizes my office in a very productive manner, and I could not operate without the company or its program."

Joann Connell
New Hope Borough

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MuniLogic is committed to transforming small to mid-sized communities in the US. We understand the enormous challenges faced by these communities and the significant potential to grow and transform. This will enable and empower every constituent and enrich their experience. Let our experienced and talented team of experts help you digitally transform your digital ecosystem.

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