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Knowing what is flowing into our streams in not only responsible, but required by law. Compliance is made easier with MuniLogic SE by tracking the monitoring, inspection and maintenance activity performed on your infrastructure. Enhance your system management by integrating GIS mapping, document management, and creating relationships with your other geographic data.

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Munilogic tools simplify how you manage your local government. Originally developed by the engineers at Carroll Engineering, the Munilogic platform is based on decades of experience supporting local government needs. We’re committed to technology that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and supports the needs of your constituents, staff, and government.

  • Quickly identify the age and condition of assets.
  • Log all water screening/sampling performed as part of the NPDES requirements.
  • Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
  • Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
  • Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
  • All assets are linked to other MuniLogic SE modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents.

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