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We are hosting a series of Municipality Software Demos

This demo will be a specific overview of the following components:

MuniLogic’s Core Module overview

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JULY 29TH | 2021 | 1.00PM-2.00PM EST

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60 mins
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Hosted by Matthew Conway
Presented by James Erickson

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Our solutions consisting of innovative products and services, enable the digital transformation of operations and service delivery, resulting in efficiency, effectiveness, and reduced costs. Our smart city technologies unify your business operations and simplify your workload.

MuniLogic team with years of experience leverages emerging technologies such as Cloud, Mobile Technology, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Platforms, etc. and industry best practices, frameworks and tools to deliver innovative solutions.
These demo videos will give you a sneak preview of our current and emerging solutions.

MuniLogic Mapping Module

MuniLogic SE is fully integrated with GIS mapping capabilities leveraging industry-leading GIS platform from Esri to provide location-based information. Properties and assets can be viewed from a GIS mapping layer. GIS mapping provides extended capabilities such as marking a segment in the map and extracting various types of data including property owner information.

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MuniLogic Reporting Module

MuniLogic SE features a robust reporting engine to provide virtually any report type desired. Custom reports are a part of a typical implementation of MuniLogic SE. Each report includes the organizational header, so all output is specific to that organization. This customer header helps to reduce printing costs by reducing the reliance on letterhead, carbon, etc.

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MuniLogic Document Module

MuniLogic SE comes with an integrated, robust document management capability to organize and access electronic files with ease. This helps to easily store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic SE module. A check-in/check-out function helps ensure security and version control while linking and querying capabilities enable users to locate documents by department, asset, date, document type, and more.

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MuniLogic Communication Module

The Communication module provides calendar contacts and task notifications for various system functions within a familiar Microsoft Outlook format upon logging into MuniLogic.

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MuniLogic Property Module

Consolidate property tax, owner, and sales information with infrastructure and image data. This module maintains information on all property, using tax parcel numbers as the unique identifier for each record. It enables users to capture and search by owner/renter information, sales history, and other financial data, or to search visual data of subdivision plans, sewer and access easements, aerial images, and other data within the Mapping module.

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