Customer Module

MuniLogic’s Customer Module tracks all requests for service and complaints. Track all activity, including: Requests, Customers, Details Notes, Fees etc.MuniLogic will improve customer service by providing a mechanism for tracking the activity and status of each request.

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Munilogic tools simplify how you manage your local government.  Originally developed by the engineers at Carroll Engineering, the Munilogic platform is based on decades of experience supporting local government needs.  We’re committed to technology that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and supports the needs of your constituents, staff, and government.

  • Log the nature, originator and the subject property of each request.
  • Automatically generate a form letter to provide customer feedback.
  • Automatically turn requests into code violations or fixed asset work orders. All the while maintaining the relationship to the original request.
  • Maintain an unlimited amount of notes about the request.
  • Maintain all photos, reports or other documents directly on the request.

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