Zoning Module

Transform and simplify your zoning process from end-to-end.

Ready to simplify the zoning appeal process?

The planning, managing of the zoning process and occasionally handling the zoning appeals can be a complicated procedure with several jurisdictions sharing responsibility. MuniLogic SE planning and zoning software solves the complexity of this process by managing and organizing all activities in one location. Gain clarity on precisely where an applicant is in the evaluation and approval process with Munilogic’s planning and zoning software. It’s clear to you and everyone involved where all the notes, conditions of approval, activity, reviews, documents, fees and escrows, and more.

Zoning has two basic functions: it separates practices that do not mix together, such as keeping suburban communities separate from commercial zones, and it serves as a guideline for guiding a municipality’s development in accordance with a broader land use system, such as a comprehensive plan. Zoning protects the integrity of the home by preventing incompatible or unsuitable purposes away from it. A convenience store, for example, will be prohibited in a single-family suburban neighbourhood. Developers are attracted to land with zoning. MuniLogic’s planning and zoning software will be best suit for the work.

  • Planning and zoning software Automatically determine jurisdiction by the purpose of the application.
  • Automatically configure the number of days required for hearings and decisions.
  • Track and distribute all reviews electronically, including pertinent documents in planning and zoning software.
  • Create extensions and continuation of hearings for an appeal.
  • Log all fees and escrows required taken directly from your fee schedule.
  • Customizable activity checklist in planning and zoning software.

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