We enrich the knowledge and empower our clients to see the power of digital through webinars.

In today’s ever-changing world, embracing digital solutions has become a common trend. Small to mid-sized local governments such as yours are looking for ways to encourage growth and digital solutions are here to help! Join us as we discover 6 ways small to mid-sized local governments can utilize digital solutions and reap a number of benefits.

In this webinar, the President of MuniLogic and leader in digital transformation will be sharing his years of experience working with local governments and specifically about, how digital solutions can impact small to mid-sized local governments. Join our webinar to gain valuable insights and have all your questions about digital solutions for small to mid-sized local governments answered.

Things you will learn:

  • Challenges of local governments.
  • The 6 ways to utilize digital solutions.
  • The benefits of adopting digital solutions.
  • Examples of industry-leading digital solutions for small to mid-sized local governments

There is no cost for participants to attend this webinar!

Featured Speaker

Joseph Edward
President and Founder of MuniLogic

Hello all! My name is Joseph. I worked as a CIO/CTO for the City of London, Ontario, Canada, the 10th largest municipality in Canada. During my time in the municipality, I lead the development of the citizen-centric services digital strategy and worked with other members to implement “SERVICE LONDON” and implement a client relationship management digital platform to improve constituent experience and quality of service. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss 6 ways small to mid-sized local governments can utilize digital solutions and how those solutions can impact your organization. I am looking forward to chatting with you more during the webinar.

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MuniLogic SE

Integrated digital platform software for municipal management

MuniLogic SE is an open architecture digital platform constructed leveraging industry best practices, tools and technology.

It is designed to enable all-size municipalities, counties and cities to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations, growth and transformation.

Other products and Services

MuniLogic offers a variety of digital products and services to enable local governments to digitally transform their eco-system such as MyGovLinks, GIS Consulting and Custom Software Development.


MyGovLinks is a digital engagement platform enabling governments to connect with and serve constituents from anywhere, anytime using any device. This improves service timeliness, quality, constituents’ experience while reducing the cost of service delivery.

Custom Software Development

To meet the unique challenges, opportunities and needs of each individual government administration, our innovative digital solutions include custom software development that utilizes emerging technologies and inventive approaches.

i Risk Management

i Risk Management is an innovative and secure platform that facilitates incident reporting from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Its centralized management capacity helps administrators analyze the data and identify root causes in order to reduce or eliminate future incidents.

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