Our Solutions

MuniLogic provides big-city digital transformation solutions within a framework that works for small city budgets.

Our solutions,  consist of innovative products and services, enable transformation of operations and service delivery resulting in efficiency, effectiveness and reduction of costs. Our smart city technologies unify your operations and simplify your workload.

MuniLogic team with years of experience, leverages emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility, AI, Machine learning, Big data, social etc. and industry best practices, methodologies, standards, frameworks and tools to deliver innovative solutions.


Our products are designed and developed by industry leading team of experts to meet the current and growing digital needs of local governments to efficiently, effectively and economically to run, grow and transform.

i Engagement

i Engagement is a digital engagement platform enabling governments to engage with and serve constituents from anywhere, anytime using any device. This improves service timeliness, quality, constituents’ experience and reduces cost of delivering the service.

i Risk Management

i Risk Management is an innovative and secure platform that enables the reporting of incidents from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Centralized management of incidents helps to analyze and identify the root causes to reduce or eliminate future incidents.

Custom Software Development

To meet the unique challenges, opportunities and needs of individual governments, we provide innovative digital solutions including custom software development utilizing emerging technologies and innovative


Our services range from digital transformation strategy development to implementing and managing digital solutions. We partner with our clients as their trusted advisors to ensure that high-impact digital solutions are implemented within their budget and in a way that enables them to pursue organizational goals.

Digital Risk Management Consulting

Digital risk is a business risk. Failure to manage digital risk will greatly damage operations, service delivery, constituents well being, and financial viability. We provide strategic, comprehensive, continuous, and affordable digital risk management services.

GIS Consulting

Geographic Information Systems are integral for governments to strategize, plan, design, and deliver services. As a strategic partner of Esri, we provide a range of GIS consulting services leveraging our internal team and the partner resources of Esri.

Digital Transformation Consulting

From strategy to implementation, our team of digital transformation specialists utilize their experience to transform your digital ecosystem, leveraging industry best practices along with current and emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility, AI, and big data.

Simplify and streamline your government operations.

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