MuniLogic Security Improvements

The MuniLogic team continues to look for opportunities to improve the security and protection of your hosted MuniLogic data. Working with our trusted hosting provider, Tier Point, we are announcing reduced risk through proactive monitoring of our MuniLogic applications, data and infrastructure using Tier Points CleanIP XDR service.
The cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, from massive OEM breaches to weaponized zero-day exploits. However, most organizations lack the technology or personnel to even detect these emerging cybersecurity threats. A recent study shows the average time between a data breach and discovery is 280 days – that’s over 9 months! Today’s threats and compliance guidelines require organizations of all sizes to collect, correlate, and analyze security information from all IT systems to enable rapid detection and remediation.
Working with Tier Point’s architects and engineers we have leveraged a security-first approach that helps ensure your MuniLogic data is secure by design. Tier Point CleanIPTM XDR is a unified security incident detection and response platform that brings together visibility and correlation with security analysts and engineers providing SOC (Security Operations Center) services.

The addition of this service adds the following capabilities:

  • Detect – Identify internal and external threats faster with distributed correlation engine backed by a world-class SOC team, before they result in an infection or data breach.
  • Respond – Have access to a Security Operations Center (SOC) team that provides in-depth response guidance on incidents and can be consulted in real-time.
  • Remediate – Working with Tier Point teams, we can respond and remediate threats directly in our Tier Point-managed environments and infrastructure.

What does this mean for you? More peace of mind knowing your MuniLogic hosted data is secure.
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