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Make code violation management effective to improve the quality of life for all.

Ready to simplify your code management?

Managing and enforcing codes is a crucial aspect of community sustainability. MuniLogic SE enables all aspects of managing codes from planning to enforcement via municipal code enforcement software. It streamlines the enforcement process from investigation to compliance, and creates a comprehensive history of all code violations for a better perspective on current challenges and identify recurring problems thus giving you better code violation services. This will also improve customer service by providing an instant status of any code violation and automatic notifications when cases are closed. MuniLogic SE tracks activities, including Violations, Actions, Notices, Fines, Civil Action and more via Codes Enforcement Municipal Software.

Munilogic SE helps all code enforcement personnel work more effectively to deliver the best service to the community’s residents by modernizing the code compliance operation hence improving the code violation services by our stellar municipal code enforcement software.

Our municipal code enforcement software is an efficient, but simple-to-use module that automates the issuing and monitoring of citations, as well as providing court case management functionality to monitor violations through the local adjudication process. For all law compliance officials and constituents, it makes it easier to resolve city code breaches through Codes Enforcement Municipal Software. With the system’s automated ability to collect complaints and process them through the workflow, constituents see resolution in minutes rather than months in our code violation services.

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  • Configure violation notice intervals and provide notification when due.
  • Retrieve ordinance descriptions from the database automatically, saving time over constant typing.
  • Schedule and assign investigations to field personnel directly on MuniLogic shared calendars using municipal code enforcement software.
  • If a violation originates from a request, maintain this relationship to determine the originating source.
  • Log all fees and civil action in our Codes Enforcement Municipal Software.
  • Maintain all photos, reports, or other documents directly on the code case thus giving a better code violation services.
  • Use the calendar tool to keep track of hearing dates, hours, and places, and use the software’s location information to see other cases that have been assigned to a certain location.
  • Set up real-time warnings on situations that can be tailored to the specifics of each offense.

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